About younique

Younique recognizes diversity. In our flexible approach, we recognize that each interaction has a uniqueness that needs to be captured; a different story to be told.  It is our adaptability that ensures the deliverable is tailored to represent the person, the partnership, the event, the place.

While staying true to younique’s quality and perfectionism in each image, younique is known for its dedicated focus on the essence of you.

London Wedding Photographer Cayman-750

Meet your photographer – Rob Arthur

Rob is an experienced photographer.  He initially began documenting his world travels through the lens and soon discovered his photography passion: PEOPLE.  Since then, Rob has been capturing people moments and memories across continents and across events such as weddings, parties, business and sport events, family portraits, baby, engagements etc.

He is skilful in observing the uniqueness of individuals and of moments and his dynamic yet detailed approach to his work ensures his product is tailored to his different clients.  He is an efficient and organized photographer balancing his analytical nature and attention to detail with a warm, creative and laid-back engagement style.

Rob believes everyone has a unique story and his aim is to understand that more and build it into the shoot and images so that the product is quintessentially you.

Rob’s work has been reproduced in several Cayman publications and he is also an award-winning photographer, in particular achieving first place in the 2013 Cayman National Cultural Foundation photographic competition. He hopes to achieve similar success as he moves on to London.

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