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  • Lizzy and Mark Wedding

  • September 2013 - Family weddings are what life is made of – In this day and age, with families dotted around the world, I find that family weddings are an excellent reunion point. My cousin Lizzy’s wedding was no different. She married an absolute gent of a Brit named Mark, and they decided [...]
  • Aty and Jean-Marc Baby Bump

  • August 2013 It is a time of new beginnings. I am new to London, and my friends Jean-Marc and Aty are about to bring their first baby into the world. J-M and Aty realise that they have been living in this glorious city for years and haven’t documented a significant part of their lives here – ie [...]
  • Kristina and Ruardt Wedding

  • July 2013 Ruardt was nicely settled in Cayman, had a great bunch of friends, a solid yoga routine, and enjoyed his bone fishing and various other outdoor hobbies. It was starting to look like he would be there forever, when he met Kristina and his whole life was turned upside down. When they m [...]
The Three Lawsons
  • The Three Lawsons

  • June 2013 - Family Shoot to celebrate little Arabella at 6 months - It’s always amazing to see how a baby can simply melt people’s hearts. Even the most boystrous and mischevious of men, like Alex. Alex and his wife Prue are two Aussies who having been living in Cayman for a good few year [...]
The Pierre Family
  • The Pierre Family

  • June 2013 - Celebrating new life - Kendell and Inika are two Trinidadians who I really enjoy shooting. Their smiles light up the world, and their bond of love and friendship is clearly a lasting one. They have now had two beautiful girls, and standing in front of these four individuals [...]
The Bolton and Heath Families
  • The Bolton and Heath Families

  • June 2013 - 3 generations on one island - 5 months after little Jordan was born, proud parents Johan and Jana hosted both sets of grandparents in Grand Cayman to come and meet the little guy and witness the Christening. Jordan was a delight to photograph (for at least 10 minutes) and the [...]
The Cornick Family
  • The Cornick Family

  • May 2013 - I like families who like fun – A 7 year old, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old…. All letting off steam on the beach at once. I can’t tell whether they are performing for the camera or this is just another day in paradise for them. They have so much energy that I think I would like [...]
  • Kelly and Dave 5 Year Anniversary

  • May 2013 Kelly and Dave couldn’t have picked a better day to celebrate 5 years of marriage. We set off from their house at 6:45am on a sunny, calm Cayman day. And we didn’t set off in a car or by foot, we set off on a boat. Their boat. Speeding off to Sting Ray City, I thought about how best [...]