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Julian’s Christening
  • Julian’s Christening

  • May 2013 Little Julian was christened as into the Greek Orthodox church on the 12th of May 2013. I don’t think anyone, let alone innocent Julian, knew what they were in for when the service started. It was an incredibly long process, but each step and stage had it’s importance and meaning, and it [...]
  • Lara and Marius Baby Bump

  • April 2013 I've known Lara and Marius for a good few years now and always thought they would be any child’s dream parents. Lara with her quiet demeanour would be a wonderful nurturer and I knew Marius would be constantly energetic and enthusiastic. And now they get a chance to play that ou [...]
  • Kristina and Ruardt Engagement Shoot

  • April 2013 Ruardt is one of my best friends and over the last few years we've shared many ups and downs on the road to finding someone to love forever. I was thus very bucked for Ruardt when he found his match, and even more bucked when he asked me to shoot his wedding in California in July [...]
  • Lindsay and Miguel Wedding

  • January 2013 - An idyllic wedding on my favourite tropical island - In the bridal suite everyone is relaxed and happy despite the whirlwind of activity – hair, makeup, and cheeky flower girls jumping on the beds (this might have been instigated by the photographer). On the beach, the gro [...]
  • Craig and Jen Engagement Shoot

  • June 2012 Craig is a long-standing friend and I was delighted to see him find a girl that truly makes him happy. As a wedding gift to him and his fiancé, Jenny, I offered to do an engagement shoot to capture their loving bond. Craig is a Saffa and Jenny is a Kiwi, which anyone will know is [...]
  • Amanda and Josh – new home

  • January 2012 Amanda is doctor of physiotherapy, and Josh is a savvy trader for an array of private clients. Each of them individually are full of energy and spunk, and together their chemistry is tangible. This Chicago couple moved to Grand Cayman in 2010 and bought a modern house, which the [...]