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  • Lizzy and Mark Wedding

  • September 2013 - Family weddings are what life is made of – In this day and age, with families dotted around the world, I find that family weddings are an excellent reunion point. My cousin Lizzy’s wedding was no different. She married an absolute gent of a Brit named Mark, and they decided [...]
  • Kristina and Ruardt Wedding

  • July 2013 Ruardt was nicely settled in Cayman, had a great bunch of friends, a solid yoga routine, and enjoyed his bone fishing and various other outdoor hobbies. It was starting to look like he would be there forever, when he met Kristina and his whole life was turned upside down. When they m [...]
  • Lindsay and Miguel Wedding

  • January 2013 - An idyllic wedding on my favourite tropical island - In the bridal suite everyone is relaxed and happy despite the whirlwind of activity – hair, makeup, and cheeky flower girls jumping on the beds (this might have been instigated by the photographer). On the beach, the gro [...]