Craig and Jen Engagement Shoot

June 2012

Craig is a long-standing friend and I was delighted to see him find a girl that truly makes him happy. As a wedding gift to him and his fiancé, Jenny, I offered to do an engagement shoot to capture their loving bond.

Craig is a Saffa and Jenny is a Kiwi, which anyone will know is like mixing oil and water when it comes to rugby. So the idea was to shoot them in their respective rugby teams’ outfits to reflect the age-old rivalry between the two nations (but luckily not their relationship). After getting down and dirty, they would have a chance to freshen up we moved on to a more traditional engagement shoot and setting.

I think they were relived when the “rugby” part of the shoot was over, because I kept trying to encourage Craig to tackle Jen harder, because in my mind that would make the photos look more authentic. Craig is an internationally capped rugby player and not someone I would want to bump into in a dark alley, but when it came to handling Jen, he refused to listen to the cameraman and I was actually quite impressed with his gentleness. It was then that I knew he had met his match.

We had a lot of fun together on this shoot and they ended up asking me to take their wedding reception photos, which I of course accepted with glee.

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