Kelly and Dave 5 Year Anniversary

May 2013

Kelly and Dave couldn’t have picked a better day to celebrate 5 years of marriage. We set off from their house at 6:45am on a sunny, calm Cayman day. And we didn’t set off in a car or by foot, we set off on a boat. Their boat.

Speeding off to Sting Ray City, I thought about how best I could capture this fun-loving, down to earth couple who I was sharing a house with.

It ended up being pretty easy, because our setting was just spectacular, as you will see!

The only thing I had to think about was how and when to bring their adorable and characterful yorkshire terrier into the shoot. That didn’t end up being too difficult either though – Kelly wasn’t shy to give orders!

The second phase of the shoot was completed a couple of months later at another famous Cayman attraction, Smith’s Cove. Unfortunately several other people on the day had the same idea of getting up a ridiculous hour and hanging out in the cove, but with some deft camera angles I managed to avoid any unwanted background noise.

Congratulations to Kelly and Dave on 5 years of marriage and I hope that this shoot reflects the wonderful couple they are.

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