Kristina and Ruardt Engagement Shoot

April 2013

Ruardt is one of my best friends and over the last few years we’ve shared many ups and downs on the road to finding someone to love forever.

I was thus very bucked for Ruardt when he found his match, and even more bucked when he asked me to shoot his wedding in California in July 2013.

His fiance, Kristina, paid him a visit in Cayman at Easter, and we took the opportunity to do a fun engagement shoot, with a storyline carefully thought out by Ruardt and myself.

The story goes as follows:

1. Boy meets girl on beach and the two take a walk. Boy shows off his dance moves.

2. Boy takes girl for a paddleboard and the two embark on a little adventure.

3. First kiss on the ocean.

4. Boy and girl return from their adventure and sip on fresh coconut water, and can’t keep their hands off each other.

Enjoy the story and watch this space for wedding pics!

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