Kristina and Ruardt Wedding

July 2013

Ruardt was nicely settled in Cayman, had a great bunch of friends, a solid yoga routine, and enjoyed his bone fishing and various other outdoor hobbies. It was starting to look like he would be there forever, when he met Kristina and his whole life was turned upside down.

When they met in Cayman, Kristina was in the process of moving her life back to the US, to teach at a Montessori school in California.

What was Ruardt to do …What else but move to the sunshine state too!

Being his close friend, I couldn’t help but feel nervous for him in this life-changing move. However, as soon as I touched down on the tiny runway of San Luis Obispo, California, I said to myself – “This is exactly Ruardt’s vibe.”

Everyone I met that weekend was so warm and welcoming, and everything we ate was home made or organic. The wedding was held on Kristina’s aunt’s farm, a small commercial goats cheese farm which also dabbles in pigs and sheep. Several of us camped in a luxurious campsite on the farm, set up specifically for this event.

There was so much to photograph that for 3 days my camera was constantly around my neck and at final tally my shutter had been clicked over 6000 times. The selection shown here is of course just a small taste, but hopefully reflects the joy and love we all felt during that special weekend, and confirms the massive decision these two fantastic people have made.

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