Lindsay and Miguel Wedding

January 2013

– An idyllic wedding on my favourite tropical island –

In the bridal suite everyone is relaxed and happy despite the whirlwind of activity – hair, makeup, and cheeky flower girls jumping on the beds (this might have been instigated by the photographer).

On the beach, the groom and his trusted advisers are trying to stay cool, probably more as a result of heat than nerves.

The setting is the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Grand Cayman. This hotel stands out as Cayman’s best, and when you visit you can quickly see how it gained this reputation. Impeccable service, tasteful touches, and every detail taken care of in advance.

The hotel are not the only ones who have concerned themselves with details for this event, however. Miguel’s mum spent days creating a mini Caribbean-themed painting for each and every guest, and Lindsay arranged towels on the back of each guest’s chair with an elegant “L&M” insignia, to be used for the “all guest” boat trip the following day.

The elegant bride finally makes her way down the beach with her beaming father. The seating has been cleverly arranged in concentric circles, with the priest and bridal couple in the centre, supported and loved by 100 witnesses.

Holiday makers passing by stop in awe at the scene before their eyes. Two happy people in a stunning setting, making a promise that they couldn’t be more sure of keeping.

After the nuptials, the celebration that ensues is full of life and laughter. Each table has their own specific pose for their table photo, the speeches are sincere and eloquent, including a poem written and spoken by Miguel’s mother, and the local live band reads the crowd just right.

Eating, drinking and dancing continues late into the night, and the flames of the beach bonfire seem to match the energy and flow of that electric evening in January 2013.

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