Lizzy and Mark Wedding

September 2013

– Family weddings are what life is made of –

In this day and age, with families dotted around the world, I find that family weddings are an excellent reunion point.

My cousin Lizzy’s wedding was no different. She married an absolute gent of a Brit named Mark, and they decided on a villa in Lucca to tie the knot.

When I asked my uncle John why they chose Italy rather than England, where both Lizzy and Mark lived, he said: “Well Rob, we knew we needed a sexy venue in order to get as many of the South African contingent out to the wedding as possible.”

Sure enough, about 80 of us traveled all the way to this fairly remote town in charming Italy, and I think the feeling that it was worth it, was unanimous for all who stepped foot into the villa.

Old red brick Tuscan buildings draped in deep green ivy, a gigantic kitchen with a high ceiling and one solid table which could seat a good number of gleeful guests, and a large swimming pool in the garden, next to which two narrow and long tables were set up with tasteful touches to seat the wedding guests.

Liz asked me to be the backup photographer for the wedding day, so with all the pressure of being the main photographer off my hands, I was able to step back and capture a lot more reportage-style photos.

My favourite part of the day was Liz and Mark’s entrance to the reception after being announced and Mr Mark and Lizzy Fitzgerald. In a stunt that I’m sure was instigated by my energetic cousin, instead of walking into the reception area, they danced in to a vibey beat, cheered on by all in attendance.

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