The Three Lawsons

June 2013

– Family Shoot to celebrate little Arabella at 6 months –

It’s always amazing to see how a baby can simply melt people’s hearts. Even the most boystrous and mischevious of men, like Alex.

Alex and his wife Prue are two Aussies who having been living in Cayman for a good few years. Their first baby, Arabella, has been a delight in their lives, and everyone who meets her seems be taken with her. I was no different on meeting her, and I hope this set of photographs somehow captures her spirit.

It was a bit tricky to get her to smile straight at the camera, but once we worked out that she loves “Incy Wincy Spider,” it was plain sailing. Until I’d repeated it about 10 times when I had to change my tune to keep it interesting.

We did the shoot on one of my favourite secluded Cayman beaches, and the late afternoon light played along nicely to help us capture some real keepers.

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